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Framed flower frame and chicken
Framed flower frame and chicken
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    Framed flower frame and chicken

  • Category : Repousse
  • Area : tehran
  • Product Code : MT.TE.10
  • Quality : Grade1
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  • - Made by hand-engraving on copper - Resistant to moisture - Fixed color
  • Explanations :

    One of the methods of decorating stinging metals is that the history of this art reaches the time of the Scythians or Sites. The art of dipping motifs with a variety of pens on metals. This art is presented in various ways (design highlighting), a photo (a method in which the context is created by texture lines to better illustrate its design), the pen (the design is done halfway on the background and the plot With a pen), and a lattice is made. Today, this art is more common in Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz and Lorestan. Works that work in this way can be small or large boards that are used in interior decoration, or dishes, such as plates, pots, chocolates, etc. In this work the field of work is also peppered.


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