Base specialized in introducing and selling crafts Iran
About us

ARANICK was founded in the 2014 and has begun its official activities in the field of e-commerce in order to systematic introduce and promote of original Iranian handicrafts. The company relying on the knowledge of its experts in this field and the research activities of its founders, start to identifying artists and original types of Iranian handicrafts. The purpose is introduction and supply of original and high quality Iranian handicrafts, in the bed of technology and knowledge of the day, at the level of domestic and foreign. In addition to the expansion of online trading, exports and overseas sales of original products are developing in several countries such as Canada, Australia, France, Sweden and China.


ARANICK specialized art group, by understanding the capabilities and current weaknesses of this industry and also relying on expert knowledge of its creators and utilization of the e-commerce techniques, has led to comprehensive introduce and optimal development of this industry in line with the need of the hour in bed of cyberspace. Establishing a complete supply chain, dynamic and thriving in the area of handicrafts, has been the first and higher goals of this group.

Why Aranick?

ARANICK in this way Along with the introduction of rural and tribal obsolete and fading handicrafts, has begun to supply handmade of urban artists and thus, was the founder of the first and most comprehensive specialized portal of introducing and selling of the original Iranian handicrafts.